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Our short-use gloves offer reliable protection to users in many industrial areas chemistry, pharmaceutical, food, production, maintenance, cleaning, etc...

For each use: a specific glove range

  • Nitrile: Durable and reliable in their solidity, they are resistant to many chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Without latex proteins, they are an ideal alternative for people allergic to Latex.
  • Latex: flexible, resistant with high elasticity. It offers high tactile sensitivity and effective protection against the risks of infection and contamination.
  • Vinyl: flexible, resistant, they are adopted in many areas of application for short-term tasks. They are suitable for food contact and do not contain latex proteins.
  • The Grip Glove, a range of gloves thicker than standard, durable and high-quality gloves. They have a unique external 3D texture that allows safe grip and precision in demanding environments.