Lilac Peelable Wax

Ref. : CI02-LI

The Segetex-eif is economical and hygienic. Based on natural resin, it is extraordinarily flexible. It allows to make very thin strips. Instructions for use: Melting the wax at about 55°

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Segetex-eif peelable wax is economical and hygienic. Based on natural resin, its esterification gives it extraordinary flexibility and plasticity. It makes it possible to make very fine strips.

Advice for use: Melt the wax at about 55 °, it must have the consistency of a very thick honey.

Take from a wooden spatula a sufficient amount of wax to make a strip of wax from a surface adapted to the area to be waxed at once. Lightly bead edges of the strip formed to limit any residues during the removal of it. About ten seconds after the application, remove the strips from a flexible and regular gesture in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Bag of 1 Kgs

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