Natural Bio Wax Cartridge

Ref. : CI04-BIO+

The natural wax cartridge BIO roll-on, Certified 100% of natural origin, is easy to apply.

This wax meets all the requirements for the removal of conventional waxes.

Certified Bio label by Ecocert France.

100 ml cartridge

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Cardboard packaging : 36

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The natural wax cartridge BIO roll-on is easy to apply.

It allows perfect removal on all areas of the body.

Instructions: Melt the wax in your cartridge heater.
Spread the wax, in a very thin layer on the surface to be waxed in the natural direction of the hair growth.
The entire surface can be coated.
Apply a foam band on the wax, then remove the tape by pulling it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The skin then appears soft, smooth without hair. Renew the operation with the same strip of paper as the product layers can overlap on this strip.

When the paper is too saturated with hair and wax, use a new strip to continue hair removal.
At the end of the hair removal, apply a post-wax oil using cotton wool to remove any wax residues.

100 ml cartridge.

  • Epilation

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